Historical Surprises

Episode WCT-1512H

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First, Natalie Campisi and Jerry Farrell's 1896 cottage in Wallingford, Conn., came complete with an intricate fireplace sculpture and grand piano in the living room, but the couple can't figure out why the floor in that room is different. Next, Patricia and Andy Wilson were feeling studious when they decided to buy a 140-year-old schoolhouse in Fort Hunter, N.Y., and make it their home. They had no idea that along with the desks and blackboards, they'd get a real history lesson. Then, finding all sorts of potions, powders and medicines in their Chester, Conn., home made Virginia Carmany and Isaac Ruiz suspect there might have once been a doctor in the house—and it looks like his favorite treatment was whiskey. Finally, he's one of the most recognizable faces in America, but Shirley and George Curry didn't expect to see his face anywhere but on a one-dollar bill. So when he turns up in their 1866 prairie-style home in Humboldt, Iowa, they know they have a mystery of presidential proportions.