Historical Pursuits

Episode WCT-1409H

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First, Erin and Chad Foerch thought there wouldn't be much mystery left in a house that's so illustrious it had a thesis written about it. Turns out, though, that there was an entire room in the 1854 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Victorian that was still waiting to be discovered. Then, imagine buying a 100-year-old house and then finding out it inspired a horror novel. That is what happened to Bob McKenna when he purchased a 1906 arts-and-crafts-style home in Birmingham, Ala. Next, a man who vanished in the night, rumors of missing money and a mysterious confession turn up at the Durant, Okla., home of Cindy and Merle Soltis. Finally, Margaret and Pat McGowan make an eerie discovery in the yard of their 1866 Italianate home in Northfield, N.J., that sends them scrambling to find out what—or who—is buried in their yard.