Historical Home Surprises

Episode WCT-1703H

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First, when Denni and Rob Proctor moved into their family's 1865 Gothic revival in Allegan Mich., they thought they knew everything there was to know about the house. So imagine their surprise when they find a mysterious box that ties their home to a famous Civil War general who helped change the course of American history. Next, after discovering a secret chamber in their 1786 Federal Cape-style home, Linda and Dale Straube start digging into the home's history and uncover its scandalous past, along with a stunning link to a U.S. president. Then, it was a find so strange that their realtor told them not to be afraid. When Lisa and Howard Goodman went up to the attic of their 1885 house in Peekskill, N.Y., they got the surprise of a lifetime. Inside their house was another house! After finding a signature on the window and a name on their front steps, the couple learns why another cottage was built in their attic. Finally, appraiser Cherie Elliott takes a look at various items found in the Proctors' house and comes up with some shocking values.