Historical Finds

Episode WCT-1301H

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First, Stephania and Don Conrad's 1922 Palm Beach Mansion is the house that bread built. Discoveries of antiques, delicate dinnerware and receipts help the Conrads discover that their 11,000-square-foot house was built by the Pillsbury family. Next, Adam Goodheart uncovers three past eras of his 1804 Federal-style house in Centreville, Md. Then, when Sandy and Warren Yambor find a turn-of-the-century photo of their home with about 40 additional feet in the backyard, they wonder how their 1896 Queen Anne Victorian came to sit practically on top of the Cleveland highway. Finally, Laura and Dale Forrester's house in Chickamauga, Ga., helps pay for its own renovations when the couple finds several coffee cans full of old coins in the kitchen wall.