Historic Home Discoveries

Episode WCT-1711H

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First, when Bonnie and Stratton Hicky first moved into their 1822 Greek revival in Madison, Ga., they thought they knew the whole story behind their historic home because it had been in their family for generations. But when they started discovering artifacts such as a walnut bedroom set, paintings and even a desk with a secret compartment, their family secrets started revealing themselves. Next, when Margaret and Kevin Hluch decided to take on the challenges of transforming an 1890 commercial building in Frederick, Md., into a creative living and working space, they never imagined they would be uncovering a mystery as well. But when they found a stone engraved, "Pythian Castle, 1921," a book of ceremonies, and an actual stage — complete with lighting — they grew curious about their home's past. Then, Jami and Tom Hollenbaugh thought they had found the perfect home in Irvona, Penn., for raising their family. But when they started discovering hundreds of bricks in the yard of their wooden house, a pair of glasses and a tombstone with the name Thomson on it, they were about to learn they got more than they bargained for. Finally, appraiser Elyse Luray, former auctioneer at the famed Christie's Auction House, visits the Hickys to see if what their finds are worth.