Hidden Treasures Abound

Episode WCT-1612H

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First, Terry and Jim Baker of Kirkwood, Mo., discover that their house was a hideout for famous criminal, Pretty Boy Floyd. While cleaning out the backyard, Jim finds tokens of the past and an unforgettable story about what used to be hidden back Next, it took James Leach years to discover all the secret passageways, tunnels and ornate features throughout his Gothic revival castle in Newport, R.I. Then, when Mona and Craig Farley moved into their 1903 Greek revival in Minden, LA, they were shocked to see the library filled with antique books. Little did they know there was much more to find. Finally, Gary Palochko fell in love with this seaside Colonial in Provincetown, Mass., when he learned the kitchen ceiling was made out of wood from shipwrecks. When he discovers a whale's tooth and 1800s documents hidden upstairs, he has a feeling the previous owner's connection to the sea goes further than the kitchen.