Hidden History

Episode WCT-1709H

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First, when Karen Kiefer bought her old family home in Scottdale, Penn., she didn't know exactly just how much history lived there. That was until she came across some hidden diaries that linked her family to a famous general. Next, Patty and Chris Tait had a lot of renovation work to do when they moved into their 19th-century Greek revival farmhouse. As they were working on the house, they found strange items buried in the yard that uncovered mysteries from the past, including a link to a US president. Then, when they were kids, Amy and Greg Wilson dreamed of living in the 1910 Victorian they now own. As they were fixing it up, they found a bottle of moonshine, license plates and a box of medicine. But imagine their surprise when strangers dropped by and told them they were born in the house. Finally, As Karen Kiefer fixed up her family's 100- year-old home, she found paintings by artists whose works now hang in the Smithsonian, along with a Civil War sword and fixtures that might be true Tiffany lamps.