Hidden Histories Uncovered

Episode WCT-1702H

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First, when Jessyca and Greg Golembowski bought a dilapidated 1899 Queen Ann Victorian as a "project," they had no idea the real mission would be uncovering its secret past. With its rich leather wall covering, elaborate fireplaces, ornate chandeliers and massive stained-glass windows, they just knew their house had a tale to tell. Next, when Edwin Calderon purchased a Gothic revival in New York, he didn't know it was hiding a past as dramatic as its fairy-tale architecture. After finding a plaque and some interesting objects down in the basement, he goes on a mission to learn the story behind his house. Then, when Wendy and Gregg Moore purchased their dream home, they had no clue about the history that came with it. After renovation work reveals hidden signatures and graffiti throughout the house, they start to piece the puzzle together. Finally, the Golembowski family spent months rehabbing their old Victorian and discovered many treasures along the way. They have been waiting anxiously to see if they've hit the jackpot. Appraiser Cheri Elliott reveals some stunning values on a unique pedestal sink, sparkling chandeliers and those amazing stained-glass windows.