Hidden Discoveries Revealed

Episode WCT-1508H

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First, Danielle and Tom Stull discover a doctor's shocking secret in their 1869 Queen Anne in Commerce, Iowa, when they find medicine bottles with pills still in them, medical textbooks full of handwritten notes, an operating table, a medical cabinet and a turn-of-the-century shocking machine. Next, the 12,000-square-foot neoclassic mansion of Yvette and Paul McCue in Aurora, Ill., is well known for its grand history, and the couple is thrilled to discover a room modeled after the most famous home in the country. Then, when Doris Buffett and her son-in-law Mark Haymes discover a wine bottle in the backyard of their 1776 Federal-style home in Fredricksburg, Va., they hire local high school students to help with their outdoor scavenger hunt for items from the past. Little do they know, all of their discoveries are hiding inside the house. Finally, Barb Gavron hits the jackpot in the basement of her 1890s Queen Anne in Eureka Springs, Ark., when she discovers a glass walking stick that helps unlock the mystery of why people from around the country came to their town for a drink.