Hidden Clues to the Past

Episode WCT-1609H

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First, while exploring the turret of her 1910 Queen Anne Victorian in Van Buren, Maine, Susan Bouchard finds a pair of portraits, a calendar and business cards stashed away. Then she discovers a cognac bottle labeled "holy water" in the liquor cabinet and becomes overwhelmed with curiosity about the people who used to live in her house. Next, Kathleen Lusk Brooke and her husband, George, love that their home was built with elegant and expensive materials, but they wonder how they got to the small New England town of Mattapoisett, Mass., and who could afford to put them there. Then, Monty Dixon thought everything in her Belleville, Ill., home was sold in an estate sale before she moved in, but it turns out that there are still treasures lurking in the dark basement. Finally, when Sharon and Dave Oster bought their dream home in Boise, Idaho, they never expected to find whiskey bottles under the floorboards and a secret room in the basement.