Finds From the Past

Episode WCT-1509H

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First, when Lyn and John Dwyer discover this 1795 home in Southbury, Conn., was once owned by a long-lost relative, they knew they had to buy it to find out more about their family's past. Next, Carolyn and Chris Eichen set out to find if the rumors that their Virginia City, Nev., Victorian survived the 1875 fire that nearly destroyed the whole town. They hope their burning questions will be answered when the house is raised for a new foundation. Then, Laverne and George Lesznik are excited to discover an old covered wagon on the property of their 1795 New England farmhouse in Florence, Vt., but when they start finding tombstones things get a little creepy. Finally, this 1905 Huntington, Pa., Queen Anne Victorian is so primitive it still has an icebox, but that is exactly why owner Tom Yoder loves it. He pieces together finds such as a still-working servant call box, early booster seat, church program and a family postcard that solves the mystery of who used to live in the house.