Discoveries of the Past

Episode WCT-1204H

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First, Beth and Ken Martin knew they had a diamond in the rough with their 1920s Chicago bungalow, but what they didn't realize was the gangster history their basement held. Next, when Dennis Lamkin and John Niemi redid their Duluth, Minn., mansion, they found that the home was built by one of the city's first entrepreneurs, who also happened to be a terrible romantic with a penchant for amazing anniversary gifts--the kind that take a key to open! Then, Lisa and Tom Vilardi wanted a break from the city, so they decided to move to the country in Paupack, Penn., to redo a sprawling estate that turned out to have been an escape for many throughout the years. Finally, years of demolition lead Stephanie and Randy Jefferson on a trail of the former Richmond, Va., homeowners--only to find out that the home had served as a house for women that were new to the city.