Digging Up Past Mysteries

Episode WCT-1303H

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First, when Joni and Chuck Manto bought their abandoned 19th-century mansion, they had no idea that it was a mortuary filled with mystery. Their creeps give way to curiosity when they discover an empty casket left behind in one of the rooms, but the real surprise comes when they notice ornate etched glass, stained glass, mosaic floors and painted murals throughout the 7,000-square-foot house in Cumberland, Md. Next, Brian Hollenback bought his 1895 Queen Anne Victorian in Rock Island, Ill., with the knowledge that the house was once married to the mob, literally. Then, Dene and Michael Myers find Japanese lanterns, a sword, Asian figurines, antique water bottles and a slew of keys hidden throughout their 9,000-square-foot Victorian in Mexico, Mo., but have no idea how the items connect to the previous homeowners. Finally, we return to the Manto house in Cumberland, Md., as the Mantos discover a hidden mural covered by old wallpaper and a long- forgotten fireplace behind drywall. Professional appraiser Jerry Williams stops by to look over the house's ornate artwork and determine if it has any monetary value.