Curious Home Finds

Episode WCT-1613H

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First, Tom Cipriano of Scranton, Pa., is lucky enough to have access to firsthand information of his home's past that come in handy when he finds a locked safe. He is thrilled to discover the key to the mystery is hidden inside the safe. Next, the strange thing about Paula and Dennis Calvert's 1930s Tudor in Highland, Ill., is not that it sat abandoned for 12 years, but that it looked like someone was still living there. When the couple moved in, there were still toothbrushes in the holders, food in the pantry, books in the library and an attic full of treasures. Then, after nearly 100 years, Robin and Tom Ericson's Guernsey, Wyo., bungalow needs a facelift. When their renovation begins, strange hardware and a bizarre stash of razorblades tell the story of the home's curious past. Finally, when Kenny Koonce moves into his Shreveport, La., bungalow, there's nothing left — not even the crystal on the chandelier! So when Kenny finds a box of fancy antique hats and books on manners in the eaves he is thrilled to still have a small piece of his home's history.