Clues From the Past

Episode WCT-1505H

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First, Jon Mason explores the five houses and various outbuildings on his compound of over 200 acres in Hamburg, Wis., and is shocked to discover a building with an antique bar and bowling alley inside. He desperately wants to find out who built the funhouse. Next, Kay and John Tatum are stunned to discover a bullet hole in the door of their 1889 Queen Anne Victorian in Little Rock, Ark. Even more shocking than the bullet hole is the low angle from which it was shot—the height of a child perhaps? Then, Steve Hairfield discovers priceless antiques in a forgotten vault. Finally, Sophia and Roy Pachecanos' 1883 San Antonio, Texas, mansion of is full of signs from the past. They turn to research and neighbors to help them determine what the signs mean, who wrote them, and why.