Cannonball Conundrum

Episode WCT-1408H

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First, the 1818 plantation of Lani and Ron Riches has been deserted for more than 20 years but still holds secrets from the past, including a live Civil War cannonball and 19th-century furniture. Next, Lisa Harvell and David Spradling find the seeds of a mystery in the backyard and attic of their Austin, Texas, bungalow. Then, the dimensions of Kay and Ray Campeau's 6,000-square-foot 1892 Bozeman, Mont., home just don't add up—until they find a secret room. Finally, every time homeowners Lisa and Joe Carney do restoration work on their 1883 Asheville, N.C., home, they uncover something new—and the home has been through a lot of restoration.