Blueprints, Booze and Mystery

Episode WCT-1603H

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First, this Syracuse, Ind., 1940s summer cottage came with a stash of blueprints, booze and a mystery. When owner Georgia Ernst gets to the bottom of it, she finds her home connected to an inventor who founded a company that's worth billions! Next, Sandy Spector has put years of renovation into her 1855 Greek revival in Stoughton, Mass., and finds a plethora of interesting objects along the way. Then, imagine moving into a home and finding mysterious X's drawn in places where no one was supposed to look. Pam and Mike Davis did just that when they moved into their 1783 farmhouse in Sandy Hook, Conn., and are dying to find out who put them there and why. Finally, Anne and Damian Putney are shocked when they uncover a hidden staircase, pocket door and butler's pantry—but when a boxing glove falls out of the ceiling, they know they have to find out the history of their home. Luckily their neighbors are well educated on the past, and along with the original blueprints of their 1905 Spokane, Wash., bungalow, they learn all about the last 100 years.