Basement Bonanza

Episode WCT-1511H

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First, finding an antique tapestry in the basement of Valentine and Joe Iamartino's home in Thompson, Conn., touches off a mystery. Next, Joan and Sal Chandon's 1757 Colonial in Fairfield, Pa., has a distinguished past as being one of the oldest taverns in the country. The 9,800-square-foot home also had some distinguished visitors, including a US President, a Civil War general and one of the most quoted men in history. Then, Mary and Rich Nourse are thrilled to discover a stash of colorful love letters from a persistent suitor that were tucked away by the woman who once lived in their 1886 Italianate home in Sierra City, Calif. Finally, a mysterious staircase in a Newburyport, Mass., home sends owner Nancy Haverington searching for more clues about her very old house.