Antique Finds Abound

Episode WCT-1710H

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First, Nancy Sweet and her daughter Susan moved into a mountain-high Colorado dream home when Nancy remarried. They knew it was gorgeous on the inside and out, but when they began to find treasures left behind, they figured out that this place was hiding a mystery. Next, when Lou and Rick Gibson moved into their country cottage in Baltimore, Md., they loved every inch of it — that was until they went into the basement and discovered human bones! And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Then, Nancy Yorinks and Patrick Carter bought their 1892 Victorian in Moscow, Idaho, to suit their growing family, but they had no idea their house was busting at the seams with history. While renovating their kitchen, letters, medical journals, spoons and shoes came pouring out of the walls. Finally, we return to the Sweet house to find out what the rare furnishings, antique rugs and classic car are worth. Appraiser Eron Johnson is on the case.