Ancient Clues From the Past

Episode WCT-1712H

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First, when Beth and B.C. Wyatt inherited their 1780s family home in Cynthiana, Ky., they also inherited a house full of clutter. But as they worked their way through each room, they started realizing some of the "clutter" might actually be priceless family heirlooms. Next, when Dale and Mike Heath first laid eyes on this 1849 Greek revival in Wetumpka, Ala., they immediately saw its potential. And when they ventured up to the attic, they discovered a trunk full of stuff, including a bundle of old letters, that told them they were getting a glimpse into the life of an Army ladies' man. Then, William Wakeley and Matt Galla didn't even have to set foot in this century-old home in Pittsburgh to know it was exactly what they were looking for — it only took a picture on a website to know they had to have it. But when they discovered steel beams stamped "Carnegie," a hard hat and various construction signs, it made them curious about their house's past. Finally, back at the Wyatts' house, appraiser Elyse Luray, former auctioneer at the famed Christie's Auction House, stops by to see if the family artifacts hold any monetary value.