Too Small for Two

Episode HNT-1107

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Newlyweds Arlene and Doug Hoang are living in a condo that is just too small for two. It was a great space for her when she was single, but after they married and he moved in, they realized there was no way it was going to work. The kitchen is tiny, and there's only one closet in the master bedroom so all of his clothes are in the guest room that also doubles as Arlene's office. The only outdoor space is a small balcony that they rarely use. In order to start their marriage off on the right foot, they need to find a home where they can both be comfortable. They also plan to have children, so they are looking for at least three or four bedrooms and a nice backyard. Plus, she is determined to have a pool. Realtor Teri Goldbaum is up to the challenge of finding a home that satisfies their tough standards.