Single Mother Looking to Downsize in St. Petersburg, Florida

Episode HNT-4113H

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Wendy has been going through a divorce and as part of the settlement she has to move out of her four bedroom waterfront home. She's decided to leave the suburbs and find a smaller place in downtown St. Petersburg. She's hoping to find a three bedroom condo or townhouse where she and her daughter can make a fresh start. Wendy has a budget of $500,000 for her real estate agent Georgia Naruns to work with. But Georgia isn't the only one helping Wendy find a place. Wendy's best friend Lara will join in on the house search. They'll check out three very different places in, and around the downtown St. Petersburg area, but which one will Wendy and her daughter call their new home?


    • Georgia Naruns
      Northstar Realty