Short Sale Showdown in Gonzales, Louisiana

Episode HNT-4213H

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Courtney & Joel need a home with a backyard big enough to store Joel's 18-foot fishing boat. Besides a big yard, they want a home office where Joel can do paperwork for his commercial fishing business and Courtney can do work for her job as a pharmaceutical sales rep. They also want to start a family and need at least four bedrooms. They see three homes; the first is a $305,000 French Style home in Prairieville, Louisiana. It has a roomy kitchen, but the backyard is barely big enough for a swing set, let alone Joel's boat and they cross it off the list. Then they see two more French Style homes in Gonzales, Louisiana. The first is a short sale selling for $305,000. The peeling paint and dead tree in the front are a turn off, but despite the neglect, Courtney and Joel are impressed by what they get for the price including 3,000 square feet and a huge back yard. The home also has a massive kitchen and master suite, but the entire home is run-down and in need of repairs. The third home they see is 500 square feet smaller but makes up for it because it is clean and elegantly decorated. It's selling for $299,000, but the kid's bathroom is a little snug and Joel isn't sure if the back yard is big enough for his boat. Courtney and Joel must decide whether they want to try for the short sale, which could mean a long bidding process with the bank plus costly repairs, or if they should choose the smaller home that's move-in ready.


    • Stefanie Sanford
      Harris Manor Realty