Seeking a Green Community in Asheville

Episode HNT-12A3H

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Stan and Colette Corwin live in large home in Alva, Florida that features cozy alcoves where the couple practice meditation and yoga. They've decided that they want to live greener and have begun the search for a new home in Asheville, North Carolina. Ideally, they want a home that has a space for Stan to garden and is located close to a like-minded community of people dedicated to leaving a light footprint on Mother Earth. To help them in their hunt, Stan and Colette are relying on their good friend and realtor Bill Westel from Eco-Steward Realty.


    • Bill Westel, Agent, Eco-Steward Realty
      Address: 394 Merrimom Ave
      Asheville, NC 28801
      Phone: 828-776-0773