Searching the Seattle Suburbs

Episode HNT-2001

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Paula Antonevich and Patrick Sanders have lived in Seattle for a couple of years, and they’ve enjoyed all the city has to offer. Now they’re ready to buy their first home. When Paula moved into Patrick’s 800-square-foot rental, his place went from cozy to cramped, so they have begun looking for a home in the town of Everett, Wash., 40 miles to the north. Helping them out in their search is realtor Aleta J. Kennedy.


    • Aleta J. Kennedy
      Zip Realty Inc.
      Seattle, WA
      Toll-free: 800-225-5947, ext. 5355
    • Keller Williams Realty
      Metairie, LA 70006
      Phone: 504-455-0100
      Cellphone: 504-494-9216