School teacher Amery Looks for Houston Area Home to Share with 2 Roommates

Episode HNT-4601H

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Amery, a 28 year-old school teacher, spent his childhood moving from place to place. Now, he's longing to put down roots and buy a home of his own in the Houston suburb of Pearland. He needs a place that's big enough to share with his roommates - best friend Henry and Henry's young son Parker. And even though he's ready to spend the very grown-up sum of $150,000 on a home, Amery wants to make sure there's plenty of room for him and his friends to play! Can this overgrown kid find a home that'll be fun ? and a good investment?


    • Kristin Logan
      Realty Associates
      3311 Broadway
      Pearland, TX 77581
      (832) 868-7167