Newlyweds Move Out Of Mom's Basement Into First Home In Annapolis Maryland

Episode HNT-3909H

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Newlyweds Mike and Amy Harris couldn't save up enough money to buy their first place and still pay rent. So they moved into Mike's Mom's basement for a few months to jump start their savings. Mike's mom Jeannie isn't able to contribute financailly, but she feels that by letting them move in with her, she is essentially giving them a house warming gift. But having them at home with all their stuff is also starting to drive her crazy. Mike and Amy are also tired of living in the basement, they don't even have a bathroom, they have to walk up two flights of stairs just to take a shower. Their budget is in the $300K - $350K range, and they want a move-in ready home with a master suite and a fenced in yard for their dogs. The first place their real estate agent Jeannie Lindsley takes them to see is just two blocks from Mike's mom's house. It's a 3 bed, 2 bath ranch with 1600 square feet that's listed for $340K. Amy likes the updated kitchen, especially since she can reach all the cabinets. Mike likes the three seperate living areas, but he's not crazy about the 3 different kinds of flooring. They both like the master suite and closet, but amy thinks the yard is small and Mike isn't sure he wants to live so close to his mother. MIke can't make it for the second tour, so his Mom joins Amy in the search. The second place they see is a 2-story Cape Cod with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in 2100 square feet. The home is listed for $320K. They both like the fireplace in the living room, but the space itself is too small for their furniture. The home does not have central air, which would be a major added expense. But amy does like the upstairs master bedroom and the large backyard. The third place Mike and Amy see is a split-level house listed for $330K. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms in 1600 square feet. Amy likes the open kitchen, large deck and yard and the hot tub. But mike's not crazy about the size of the master bedroom and the fact that the living room is downstairs in the basement. With three great starter home choices, which one will they choose?

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    • Jeannie Lindsley, Agent, Century 21 Finesse
      Address: Severna Park, MD