New Parents Chrissy and Zev Search for a Family Home That's Close to Boston's Fenway Park.

Episode HNT-4402H

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Boston couple, Chrissy and Zev welcomed their first child earlier this year, and now they're anxious to find a house they'll call home for many years to come. They agree that they want to be close to downtown Boston, and especially close to Fenway Park where they like to go and cheer on the Boston Red Sox. But Chrissy's number one priority is to get a large home, and that might mean moving farther out than Zev would like. Their budget is $430,000. The first place that real estate agent Avi Shemtov shows them is a 1600 square foot home in Waltham, which is one of the closer-in suburbs, but the home's bathrooms and kitchen require major upgrading. The second place, in nearby Brighton, has 2300 square feet and is beautifully upgraded, but Avi and Chrissy don't like the close proximity of the neighbors. The third house sits on a big lot with plenty of privacy. It has just under 2000 square feet, but it's in Framingham, which is farther from the city than the other two. Which house will this young family call home?


    • Avi Shemtov
      Trio Real Estate Group