More House for the Money in Denver

Episode HNT-4206H

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Nobody's getting much sleep in the Bogan household. That's because Travis and Stacie's one-year-old and three-year-old are sharing a bedroom and they keep waking each other up. So the sleep-deprived parents are looking for a bigger home in the up and coming Denver neighborhood of City Park. They see a newly renovated Victorian, but Stacie hates the granite in the kitchen and she's concerned about the school across the street. They look at a four-bedroom home with a big porch, but there's only one full bathroom in the whole house. Last, they see a renovated bungalow but this time there's a community center right across the street and they don't like the crowds and traffic that they'd have to contend with.


    • Donavon Paschall
      Vision Real Estate