Looking for an Eco-Friendly Home in a Co-Housing Community

Episode HNT-12A1H

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After 11 years of renting with roommates, Karen Heilesen is ready to own a home of her own. Searching in Corvallis and Portland, Oregon, she seeks co-housing with people from all ages and walks of life, shared electricity, energy efficient construction and open communal space for gatherings. Additionally, she'd like a home with a modern kitchen, an open layout and a small yard. Finding all of these things within a $250,000 budget may be a challenge, so she's enlisted the help of realtor Abe Drabkin who specializes in co-housing projects in the Portland area.


    • Abe Drabkin, Agent, PDX Broker
      Address: 2125 N. Flint
      Portland, OR 97227
      Phone: 503-595-8031