Brian Searches for Dallas Area Bachelor Pad

Episode HNT-4608H

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Brian's a typical bachelor with a very unusual living situation: he rents an apartment in a former retirement home in Dallas, Texas that still caters to senior citizens! Since he's 28 and makes a good living, he's decided to opt for a more fitting lifestyle, and is searching for a home in the Dallas suburb of Irving. Along with his best friend and future roommate, Justin, Brian will try to find the perfect mix of smart investment and ''bachelor-friendly'' amenities. Can his $175,000 budget pay for a place that pleases both the buyer and his picky pal?


    • Ashley Cox Myers
      Manning & Company
      1701 N. Greenville Ave., Suite 100
      Richardson, TX 75081
      C (972) 978-3109
      O (972) 671-4663 ext. 4