Artist Needs More Space

Episode HNT-1304

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Piper Mavis is a 1960s woman trapped in the modern world. She loves to collect vintage things and display them in her one-bedroom, one-bath apartment. As an artist and photographer, she sees her apartment as a blank canvas. Since moving in, she's done a lot to the place by painting, adding some neat light fixtures and creating a collage of vintage photos she hand framed. The problem is she can't do much more to this rental without losing her security deposit. Space is also a concern. She needs to find a larger home, and this time, she wants to own instead of rent. It's a big step for this first-timer, so she'll rely heavily on real estate agent Meredith Wick.


    • Meredith Wick
      Real Estate Agent, Sotheby's International Realty
      1801 N. Hillhurst Ave.
      Los Angeles, CA 90027
      Phone: 323-671-2305