Alex Lost His Job So He and Wife Liz Need A Much Smaller Altanta Home With A Much Smaller Mortgage

Episode HNT-4804H

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  • October 16, 2013

    12:00 PM e/p

Liz and Alex love the 7500 sq. ft. house they are in now. This current home has plenty of room for their family of six and their assorted pets. With its great location, huge kitchen, and fabulous master suite, it has been perfect for them, and Liz has dreamed of seeing her girls on the grand staircase on their wedding day. But now that Alex has lost his job and they need to downsize, the house has been sold. As Liz and Alex search for a new place, they must quickly decide what matters most to them now that they can no longer have it all.


    • Karen Koehne
      DK Atlanta & Associates
      4109 Tritt Homestead Dr.
      Marietta, GA 30062