Adrienne Wants to Buy a Vacation Home in Palm Springs That Her Whole Family Can Enjoy

Episode HNT-4012H

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Adrienne owns and operates a homeware design firm that specializes in high end hardware details. While she loves running her own business, she is constantly busy. She has come to the conclusion that the only way she can unwind is to buy a vacation home. She picked Palm Springs, because she loves the modern architecture and relaxed vibe. More importantly, it's a short drive from her home in Los Angeles. She's very close to her sisters and their families, who also live in LA. So, she wants to find a home that's big enough for her entire family. Adrienne is a saavy businesswoman, who knows exactly what she wants and is determined to get it for her $550,000 budget. With a list that includes 4 bedrooms, mountain views, a pool and spa and plenty of entertaining space, her friend and realtor, Frank Riela has a tall order to fill.

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    • Frank Riela, Agent, Keller Williams