A Picky Wife and Her Do-It-Yourself Husband Struggle To Find The Perfect Arizona Home

Episode HNT-6201H

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  • May 06, 2014

    5:30 PM e/p

Dane and his wife Becca have been living in Dane's bachelor pad in the suburbs. All of their friends and family live in the city, and they're ready to move back. They're especially eager to find a new home, since they're expecting their first child in a few months. Becca is extremely picky, and has a long list of "must haves" and "no-nos" for their future house. The house cannot have saltillo tile, a type of tile popular in Arizona. She's also adverse to white tile. In addition, she refuses to move into a home that has old, used toilets. Overall, she'd prefer a turn-key property that needs no updating. Dane, on the other hand, loves do-it-yourself projects and would like a home he can put his own stamp on.