A Great Job Has a Couple Moving from California to Huntsville, Alabama

Episode HNT-4104H

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Greg and Carolyn are Ph.Ds at Stanford, who love living in their San Mateo home with their three kids, Gabby, Sam and Eleanor. But, Greg got a job offer in Huntsville, Alabama that he couldn't refuse. While they're excited at the opportunity, it comes at a tough time. They want Sam to finish his senior year in high school in California and to have Eleanor start middle school in Alabama. So, for nearly a year, Carolyn will stay with Sam and Greg will move to Huntsville with Eleanor. They hope to find a house that will ease the sting of this separation. With over a million dollars to spend, they see three beautiful homes. Which one will be the perfect place for their entire family?


    • Sarah Lauren V. Kattos
      Van Valkenburgh & Wilkinson Properties, Inc.