A Florida Couple Stuck Living With Their Family is Desperate to Find a Larger Home

Episode HNT-5002H

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  • November 04, 2013

    12:00 PM e/p

Sarah and Weber were tired of the cold Minnesota winters, so they were excited about moving to Tampa, Florida when Weber found a job there.Since Weber's parents own a vacation home in the area, they offered to let the couple and their two small children move in until they found a permanent place. But after several months, it has become a little too crowded with six people all living in the small home. Add to that, Weber has to commute a minimum of 3 hours a day and it's frustrating for everyone, to say the least.They're desperate to find a place, but they'd like to stay below $500,000. They thought they'd be able to find a nice, large home for that price based on everything they'd heard about the Florida real estate market, but they quickly realized that wouldn't be the case since they are looking for a house in a good school district, and they're particular about the condition of the home. Can they find a house that's big enough, in the right neighborhood and the condition they want but most importantly for the price they're willing to spend? Find out when House Hunters goes to Tampa, Florida.