A Couple is on the Hunt for a New Home After Relocating to Seattle

Episode HNT-4509H

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Becky and Evan just relocated from Dallas to Seattle after Becky accepted a new job in the area. Since the couple had to move quickly they've been staying at a hotel while they look for a permanent place. Becky's company is paying for the hotel bill, but unfortanately they're only covering the costs for 45 days. With time running out, Becky and Evan need to find a place fast. They'll take a look at several single-family homes in the area, but they're in for a big surprise when they discover the price tag on a Seattle home is much higer than in Dallas. Can they find a place that meets their expectations before their coporate housing runs out? Find out as House Hunters travels to Seattle.


    • Todd Williamson
      John L Scott – Westwood
      Seattle, WA
      (206) 850-8229