House Hunters: Where Are They Now

Episode HHWTN-105H

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  • November 04, 2014

    7:30 AM e/p

  • November 14, 2014

    3:30 PM e/p

Ever wonder what happens after our house hunters choose their new homes? In this episode we revisit some of our most memorable buyers to see the stories that unfolded after our cameras stopped rolling. We start in Los Angeles, California, where home designer Rudi and attorney Jake had $1.4 million dollars to buy a house, and found one that needed a major overhaul. Despite Jake's insistence on preserving the original features AND their renovation budget, Rudy took over, and transformed their plain bungalow into a sophisticated showplace that attracted some unexpected attention. Next, we check in with Wisconsin newlyweds Tom and Kelsey, who could afford $150,000 to buy their first place. They opted to take on a fixer with a horror movie bathroom, and turned it into the ideal family home, just in time for a special delivery. Finally, we return to Roswell, Georgia, where Alex, Liz and their four children were forced to downsize from their 7000 square foot dream home after Alex's job was eliminated. Armed with a $400,000 budget, they found something smaller with lots of promise, but in need of work. Alex took on the task single-handedly, creating a new dream home for the family and learning a new definition of happiness along the way.