House Hunters: Where Are They Now

Episode HHWTN-102H

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  • November 04, 2014

    9:00 AM e/p

Ever wonder what happens after our house hunters choose their new homes? In this episode we revisit some of our most memorable buyers to see the stories that unfolded after our cameras stopped rolling. First, we head to St. Louis, Missouri, where JD and Kristin returned after years spent living in cities around the world, to raise their young daughter near family. Armed with a $600,000 budget, they found a mid-century home with good bones, but in terrible condition, and embarked on a massive renovation project that took much more time and energy than either of them expected. Next, we check in with newlyweds Joanne and Justin, who loved living in Washington, D.C., but hated sharing a place with two roommates. They set a budget of $500,000, and settled on a fixer that had tons of historic charm, but no kitchen, and their makeover turned up plenty of surprises. Finally, we head back to Nashville, Tennessee, where singer Seana and her new husband Michael used their $650,000 budget to buy a home with a perfect lakeside setting, but serious issues inside. Their renovations, as well as their major lifestyle changes, are truly unexpected!