One Lucky Family From Atlanta Gets flown to San Diego for an Ultimate Getaway

Episode HHOV-104H

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  • June 04, 2014

    7:00 AM e/p

Atlanta residents Wade Dunn and Koddy Lester Dunn have been married for three years, and run their own web development business from home while taking care of their six kids. The Lester-Dunn Family is thrilled to be traveling out of the state, and dream of going to a place that has a beach and amusement parks for family fun. They couldn't be more excited to find out that House Hunters on Vacation is sending them to San Diego, California. Not only is San Diego a coastal city with beautiful beaches and bays, but it also has world famous theme parks and big attractions for this family of eight to explore, after they've chosen a house to stay in. Seeing three completely different homes gives the Lester-Dunn family a lot to choose from. Which one did they choose? Once they make their selection they enjoy both the gorgeous home, and everything that San Diego has to offer.