Virgin Island Paradise

Episode HHINT-1502H

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  • July 17, 2013

    12:30 PM e/p

Doug and Lindy Freeman had the dream of moving to St. Croix for many years. They were making a decent living back home in California, but are quick to disclose that they were not rewarding themselves for the hard work they were doing. They saved everything they could and cut back as much as possible. Finally, with saving and living "way below our means," they were able to move to St. Croix. They sold everything they owned and are now renting a home on the island. The Freemans now want to buy a single family home with a guest cottage or apartment so that their friends and family have a place to stay when they visit. They also want this guest space ready for an expansion as the kids get older and need more room to grow. They hope realtor Ness Fennessey can deliver. Only problem is, Doug wants to pay cash and even though the family has saved up, the Freeman's still don't have enough in the budget for everything they want in their island paradise.


    • Ness Fennessey
      Calabash Real Estate
      St Croix, USVI