Uprooting to Uppsala, Sweden

Episode HHINT-2308H

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When Bill McGehee got a job offer in Sweden, wife Mali jumped at the chance for her family to experience life outside their homeown of Orlando. The catch - they had to move quickly. So the family packed their suitcases and headed 5000 miles away to Uppsala. In a place where nothing is familiar, Bill and Mali want convienience..and a real European experience. That means a condo in center city and even though they're up for a renovation, options at the $400,000 budget are slim. Real Estate Agent Daniel Jansson knows they might have to go a little further out to get the real family space they want. Will they give up their European adventure for a house that's familiar? Or settle for construction to really experience life in the heart of Scandanavia? Find out when House Hunters heads to Uppsala, Sweden.