This Stressed Out New York Family Searches for a 2nd Home in Calabria, Italy

Episode HHINT-1402H

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Ric and Polina DeCarlo are stressed out trying to work and raise their two young sons in upstate New York. So they've decided to buy a summer home in the picturesque and affordable region of Calabria, Italy. Battling jet lag, and with just three days to find a home, Rick and Polina meet up with local real estate agent Kerry Roberts. Together they look at a $167,000 condo that's five minutes from the beach, a $208,000 condo that's 2 minutes to the beach and a $132,000 condo that's in the heart of a local town. They're hoping to make a decision and close the deal before it's time to head back to the states.


    • Maria Fragale / Raffaele Riga, Agents
      Prendocasa Immobiliare Srl