The Godar Family Looks at Three Large, Luxury Oceanfront Homes in a Newly Developed Area in Panama

Episode HHINT-1305H

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Joe and Shannon Godar of Ohio have been buying and renting out vacation homes in Florida for years. And for all those years, they've dreamed of finding one right on the beach that they could keep for themselves. But real estate prices in Florida keep climbing, and the couple all but gave up. Then a friend told them about a newly developed area in Panama called La Barqueta, where they could find large, luxury, oceanfront homes for a million dollars. Having spent little time overseas, Joe and Shannon were hesitant, but ultimately excited to realize their dream. In Panama, real estage agent Fatima de la Guardia shows them three gorgeous homes, each more luxurious than the next. The first is priced at 1.1 million dollars, but lacks a pool. The second is listed at $800,000, but lacks privacy. And the third is priced at a budget-breaking 1.4 million dollars, but lacks nothing. Will they play it safe, or go for it all?


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