Testing the waters in Drammen, Norway

Episode HHINT-2813H

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Miguel and Runi Valenzuela met in college, fell in love, and married 9 months later. After 2 kids, their life in Miguel's hometown of San Diego was comfortable. But when he lost his job as an engineer, Runi decided it was time to test the waters 5300 miles away amongst the fjords in her hometown of Drammen, Norway. With Miguel's new job starting soon, his family's transition needs to be quick and easy. But Norway's fast paced auction style market won't do them any favors. Here, all bids are final. Before they place a bet, they must make sure their $700,000 budget is being spent wisely. Agent Ragnhild Haaning quickly guides them through 3 options - one close to town but stuck in the 60's; one brand new expensive one further out; and fixer upper way under budget. The Valenzuela's must quickly decide if they want to spend more now or renovate later before they place a bid they can't take back. Its buyer beware, when House Hunters International test the waters in Drammen, Norway.