Taking off to Torino, Italy

Episode HHINT-2210H

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  • August 14, 2013

    12:30 PM e/p

Park City native Chelsea Christensen fell in love with a dashing Italian ski instructor named Pier. When his family business in Torino came calling, he asked her to move with him. and of couse, she said yes. But this move isn't just for love. In fashion forward Italy, Chelsea plans to open a online vintage clothing business. When she arrives, she's shocked to find that the cars go fast and the living is cramped. And the housing prices? Very high. Finding space for just her and Pier will be tough, but when you throw in her clothing business, things get interesting in this ancient city. Even Pier is shocked at the slanted ceilings, tiny bedrooms, and expensive prices his native city has to offer. Real Estate Agent Simone Sambin has the tough task of sorting through Torino's unique apartments to find a space in the middle of everything that fits Chelsea's wish for space and Pier's wish for parking...all at $740,000 budget. Will they uncover their dream home or settle for less? Find out when House Hunters heads to the bustling city of Torino, Italy.


    • Simone Sambin
      Remax Invest Torino
      E-mail: ssambin@remax.it