Taking a Risk in San Salvador, El Salvador

Episode HHINT-3504H

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  • May 22, 2014

    12:30 PM e/p

When BenJoe's company asked him to start a call center in the El Salvadorian capital, wife Delena was at first intimidated by the city once known for its civil war violence but soon realized it was a great opportunity for her young family to experience other cultures. So they sold everything in Utah and are headed to San Salvador, where behind heavily guarded walls lie beautiful homes and lush gardens. They are leaning on Real Estate Agent, Julie Bottari, to find them a furnished home under $1300. But with furnished homes an unfamliiar request in this market, she has a tough task ahead of her. They might just have to settle for what this traditional city has to offer, when House Hunters International heads to San Salvador, El Salvador.