Starting over in Tokyo, Japan.

Episode HHINT-2106H

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Chris Polley is searching for inner peace. After quitting his job as a broker on Wall Street and revaluating what he wants in life, he decides to take a teaching job in Japan. Japan is an island nation whose geography limits the amount of available living space, and as a result everything costs more. This has led to a thriving market for rental homes in Tokyo, the most expensive city in the world. Luckily estate agent, Fumiaki Kimura, specializes in finding low cost rentals for foreigners. Chris will need to be wary of tight quarters and hidden fees. With the hopes of a spacious apartment close to mass transportation, and a of a budget of $2,300 a month, Chris may need to compromise something from his wish list. Soon he'll be saying domo arigato before he's done, as House Hunters International heads to Tokyo.


    • Fumiaki Kimura
      Hamabuilding Co. Ltd.
      Office: +81 90-7003-5205