Starting Over In The Republic of Singapore

Episode HHINT-2301H

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Marco studied to be a teacher, but his career got off-track. Now he has a chance to get back into the classroom with a new job at an international school in the Republic of Singapore. His parents worry that life on the steamy tropical island will be too difficult for him, but he's sure it's the right move. And after a teary goodbye, Marco sets off on the ten thousand mile flight from Washington, DC, to the Republic of Singapore. Since Marco starts work at the school the same day he arrives, he doesn't have much time to get settled in. Fortunately, his school sets him up with real estate agent Jane Chia, and gives him a $3,000 monthly housing allowance. Marco has his heart set on a modern apartment near Singapore's lively downtown district, but Jane knows his relatively modest budget will force him to compromise on something as House Hunters International heads for the island Republic of Singapore.